Purple & Chrome… What’s good?!

March 15, 2013

[caption id="attachment_5034" align="alignright" width="211"]original Purple and Chrome logo original Purple & Chrome logo[/caption]

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I want/need to change up the image of Purple & Chrome. The core of Purple & Chrome will always be what it is, who I am, all about spreading peace and love. But I think that we need to sexy up a bit so to speak. I want to show people that peace and love doesn’t have to be boring. Peace and love can be very sexy, cool, and exciting! Part of this new direction is a new logo. A lot of people have told me they like the Heart and Crosses design/logo better than the original Heart and Cross logo. And I actually like it better too. I think the logo is much cooler looking and it’s just simply hot. I think it’s something that can be easily recognizable.

[caption id="attachment_5035" align="alignleft" width="207"]new Purple and Chrome Heart & Crosses logo new Heart & Crosses logo[/caption]

The logo is a play on the ever popular skull and crossbones logo that is a mainstay in pop culture, which is why it’s easily recognizable. I personally can’t identify with the skull and cross bones so by using the heart instead of the skull and crosses instead of the cross bones it more so reflects me and ultimately Purple & Chrome. Plus like I said I just like the way it looks. I feel it’s more universal so I hope the mass appeal will be there.



Another part of this new direction is hotter, better designs. If you look at the Purple & Chrome look books you can see the designs getting better every release. I do the designing myself and I am definitely getting better as time goes on and I learn more. I have a lot of ideas for new tees and

[caption id="attachment_5044" align="alignright" width="263"]Purple & Chrome Keep Calm - black tee Keep Calm - black tee[/caption]

hoodies/sweatshirts this year and you will be able to see the new much more trendy (for lack of a better word) direction of Purple & Chrome. I really didn’t want to use the word trendy because everyone these days is trying to be trendy and hip and cool. And what’s trendy, hip, and cool these days seems to be skinny tops, even skinnier pants, and all over the place colors and patterns. To add to that everyone and their momma is now a skater! I’m not with all the wild patterns, the skinny stuff (I’m a big dude), and I don’t identify with the skate lifestyle. I grew up playing ball outside after school while listening to Wu-Tang on my man’s radio sitting on the curb. I have absolutely nothing against all the other stuff. To each his own and it’s all cool. It’s just not me. And anyone that knows me knows that I don’t try to be anything other than myself.

But at the same time, let me explain that I used the word trendy just to say that this new direction will be more current, up to date, and hopefully you’ll find it dope. You get what I’m trying to say! So… please stay tuned in to Purple & Chrome. Even when it seems like nothing new is going on know that there is always something new going and getting ready to go!

[caption id="attachment_5045" align="alignleft" width="288"]Purple & Chrome Rolling Stones Purple & Chrome Rolling Stones[/caption]

This is just an update of where I/Purple & Chrome are at right now and where we are looking to go. Look forward to the new logo (Heart and Crosses) making its appearance and look forward to new and better designs making their appearance as well. That’s all for this post. Thanks for rocking with us, showing us support, and showing us LOVE! Stay tuned for more! Peace Peace.      - RaShaun


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