Happy New Year to You! Let's Make This One Great!

Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed your holidays. 2012 has ended and 2013 is here. I wanted to get our first hoodie/sweatshirt line up for winter 2012 but it didn't happen. Certain things did not fall into place so rather than half ass it I thought it was better we not do it. So I was a little bummed about that. But with that being said, I now have a lot of time to get ready for spring/summer 2013. Right now I'm in the design process; trying to cook up some hotness for you guys and gals! But you will see a difference in the style of design going forward. It's going to be a little more edgy but you already know we are still promoting that peace, positivity, fun, and love! You are also going to see different colorways and I don't just mean purple, black, and white. Yes the name is Purple & Chrome but that doesn't mean we have to stick with just those colors. The meaning of the colors will still be present in our new designs. We are just going to give you guys some new flavor that will appeal to more people. So...I'm excited about it! Yall stay tuned for it and make sure you subscribe to our free mailing list so that you stay in the loop of all the happs. Just go to the bottom right of the site (www.purpleandchrome.com) and enter you name and email.

That's all for right now... keep it locked! Let's make 2013 great!

RaShaun | Purple & Chrome

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