[Video] Prince Performs ‘Nothing Compares To You’ With Mary J. Blige

September 24, 2012

Now, we all know Prince don’t come out for everybody…

The Queen of Hip Hop & Soul, Mary J. Blige was beyond honored this weekend when Prince joined her on stage during her iHeartRadio Festival performance in Vegas. After singing most of her Chaka Khan cover “Sweet Thing”, Mary stopped the track and said, “I got a real good friend in the building. He’s one of the most amazing artists to ever walk the earth,” before Prince appeared onstage in yellow bell bottoms and interesting gold shades.  He helped her finish out ‘Sweet Thing’ on the guitar and then Mary told him she wanted to hear him sing.

To the delight of fans, they performed a duet of,  ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, which was originally written by Prince but became a worldwide hit after  Sinead O’Connor remade it in 1990.

By the way, Prince normally has that press and curl snatched. He wasn’t playing games with that afro!

Check out the performance below:

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