[Hilarious Video] DMX Uses ‘Google’ For The First Time

September 24, 2012

“Computer words are funny. What the f–k is a ‘Google’?”

OH M GEE! DMX is seriously behind on the times.

We now live in a day-and-age where everyone and their mother (literally) has a computer. Most homes have multiple desktops, laptops, or notebooks and even kids know how to operate a system. DMX, however, took a trip to New York’s Power 105.1 radio station recently and admitted that he not only hates computers, but he’s never even used google.

Watch how confused he gets when he tried to Google himself on a laptop without a mouse and gets frustrated when the arrow pointer turns into a hand when he scrolls over an icon. LOL!

Poor thang

Via Pop Crush

See the rest here: [Hilarious Video] DMX Uses ‘Google’ For The First Time

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