Jaden Smith Dishes On Personal Style, Relationships & Best Advice He’s Ever Received From His Father

September 24, 2012

Although he has starred in a few hit movies, toured with Justin Bieber and is apart of one of Hollywood’s royal families, we never really get to see Jaden Smith do personal interviews.  That’s until now.

Will Smith’s mini me recently sat down for an interview with The Life Files and it seems as though he has learned a lot from his father.  Rocking gear from his Msfts clothing line, Jaden talked how he first met Justin Bieber as well as being criticized for his fashion choices and how he got started with his own clothing company. He also revealed that he’d prefer to watch ‘Steve Job interviews’ over reality TV any day while sharing the best advice he’s ever received from his father.

It was a pretty good interview for a 14 year old.   Catch the excerpts below:

On His Fashion Choices
I have this image in my head of what I think an amazing fashion person would look like, and I really just take whatever I would want to wear and I just put it on. Sometimes you get criticized for it, [but] give it two months and everybody’s wearing it. I just really like that skater look — wake up in the morning and throw some clothes on still looking fly, you know what I mean? I get a lot of my fashion just from things that I see, inspiration just comes in and out in the day. I don’t think that I’m a fashion guru or anything. I just put on stuff to go skate. Sometimes people like it, sometimes they don’t. [Points to his clothes] These are just random skate shoes…. And a top shop [jacket] and a Msfts tee and pants. That’s my company that I make. It’s basically just like a skate lifestyle company. I basically wear the same thing everyday.

On His Fashion Line
It started off with the music and in my raps I would always refer to me and my friends as ‘msfts.’ Then we trademarked it and started making these shirts and stuff and everything and I started really getting into fashion. And then once I started really getting into fashion, I started making everything and I got my sister involved and then it’s like a full on thing that we’re doing now. That’s where I get all of my like, cheetah pants and zebra pants. I probably get criticized most from that.

On whether he watches Reality TV.
I watch like, Steve Jobs interviews, I don’t really watch TV. I stopped watching TV when I turned like ten because my parents were like, ‘TV’s really bad for you.’ I’ll watch movies I like to see, Steve Jobs interviews, something that’s going to make me smart and then go to sleep. I always have to go to sleep with the TV on though. I’m always watching something, I just don’t like watching TV. I don’t like being sold something every five minutes a commercial comes up.[...]We have iPhones now. If I want to see  [what my family has] coming up I [would just] Google it.

On Working on ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ With His Dad
It was pretty cool, you know. We were working together and it was fun until we get into a scene and we were both very serious about it but it was cool. It was fun having that experience with my dad ’cause he really taught me a lot of the stuff that he knows. Almost everything he knows about acting in that one movie.

On The Best Advice His Dad Has Ever Given Him
My dad one time told me, he was like, ‘The only time you should lie is when someone’s holding a gun to your head and says ‘Okay, lie or I’m going to shoot you.’ And that really stuck with me. I think about that a lot. I used to not be really honest with girls and then I dropped a song called ‘Starry Room’ and then I started turning over a new leaf. Now, I’m completely honest with girls all the time and they just get mad at me.

I had recently gotten out of a relationship so I made this song that was really heartfelt for me — some of my best lyrics. Me and that girl’s anniversary was gonna come up so I decided to drop it and [interviewer interrupts: How long were y'all together!? Anniversary?! Six years, ten years!?] *laughs* It was like a month-iversary. You know how teens are.

Jaden is too cute…. getting all sentimental over his anniversary with some little girl! He’s too much!

Watch the interview below:

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