Don't Just Sit and Wait for things to Happen

"I'm the type to say a prayer, then go get what I just prayed for."

Drake - "Amen" (with Meek Mills and Jeremih)

You often hear a lot of people say "I leave it up to God", "It's in his hands", "He says ask and you shall receive", or something else to that effect. If you do that great! But if you do that and just that, what are you expecting? For the clouds to open up and God say "Okie doke! Here you go"?! Let me tell you, that's soooo not how it works. You actually have to get your ass up, get your ass in motion, and make it happen! If you want something out of life and/or for yourself that you don't have right this moment, get to work and go get it! Yeah we all know those saying I quoted above. But often times we forget to remember this one... "God helps those that help themselves." Just a little food for thought...

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