The Fastest Way to Success is...

March 02, 2012

"The fastest way to succeed is to hurry up and FAIL!!!"

- RaShaun | Purple & Chrome

So many people never succeed in life because they are afraid to fail!  But keep in mind, if we were always afraid of falling and never took that first step how would we learn to walk?  How then would we learn to run?  True as this is, let's put this aside for a moment and examine another point.

If everything we put our hand to succeeded, we could attribute our success to countless variables; some in and some out of our control like hard work and luck to name a couple.  But if we failed 9 times out of 10 we would know exactly what we did wrong and learn from that lesson putting us closer to success!

So to sum up, the faster we fail is the faster we succeed!  Whatever it is, don't be afraid to fail and get going on it today!  Remember... success is only a few failures away.