Top New Year's Resolutions We Can Never Seem to Get Right!

January 02, 2012

These top 5 New Year's Resolutions are on everyone's most wanted list come January 1st but somehow, never seems to work out!

1.  Lose Weight/ Get in Shape

Ummm...Yeah! Let's not kid ourselves. moving along...

2.  Really have a prosperous new year and Make More Money!

Especially in these economic times you really have to be smart and creative to make more money, and it's even harder if you want to do it legally!

3.  Be a Better Person

We sincerely look forward to being a better person to all at the start of the year but then we go back to work after the new year holiday and remember why and how much we can't stand "THAT PERSON" at our know what I'm talking about!

4.  Stay More in Touch with Family and Friends

After coming off of a beautiful holiday season, we are just so determined to be a better person that we want to stay more in touch with our loved one. That is until a few days after new years we are just casually sitting at home and the thought "you know what? I should call [so and so]" pops into our head but, immediately after you remember that a new episode of Housewives of [so and so] is coming on and then you think to yourself "I'll call them tomorrow". But tomorrow never comes!

5.  Be Productive with our Income Tax Money

Every year we have big plans for our tax return. We remember how we messed up last year and have plans to do it right this time. BUT! Somehow we get our return, turn around and then don't even remember what we spent all that money on and it's all gone! The little bit we may have put aside for savings...that's gone too!!! Again!!!

This rounds up this year's Top New Year's Resolutions We Can Never Seem to Get Right!  If you know what I'm talking about here, leave a comment, tweet, and share this on Facebook.  I really do hope we get it right this year though... Peace!!!