November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  As we prepare to stuff our faces gaining a couple of extra pounds today let's remember to be thankful today and every other day we have life!  Life itself is reason to be thankful enough.  But let's also keep in mind that there are people out there whose lives aren't that great and they really don't have a lot to be thankful for so to speak.  As much as some of us might bitch and complain there are always people out there who have it a lot worse!  With feed the homeless programs cut by 40% this year, many families and persons will go without a thanksgiving meal this year.  There's a lot of people out on the street with nowhere to live or go.  There are families out there who can't afford the scraps we will throw in the garbage today after we've eaten too much.  There are children dying of hunger all over the world.  I'm not saying to not live this thanksgiving up with fam and friends.  What I am saying is while you have a great time with your loved ones today, remember those who don't have loved ones to share this time with and those that have far less!  Just think about that next time you feel like complaining about something trivial.  Be aware and thankful for what you do have.  With that said... this is RaShaun of PURPLE & CHROME saying Happy Thanksgiving!  Peace Peace.