In a Perfect World

December 12, 2011

In a Perfect World, redesigning would have been a smooth process with no hiccups taking me a few days. Unfortunately this is not a perfect world so everything that could go wrong went wrong from loosing all files, to having to redo everything over from scratch and a bunch of boring other stuff I'm sure you don't give a s#%^ about. This is why it took me two weeks to bring the site back up. Happily it's looking better than ever, in its 3rd and final (for a loooong while) design.
There is just one thing left that I would like to see happen and that is to move all my old posts that was on the old site to the new one. That, my friends, is easier said that done! And frankly I could use some help with it. If anyone is or knows a database (.sql) expert, please shout me out; as I said I could use the help ASAP!
Sadly, everything can't be fun and games and I actually have to do some real behind the scenes site development work much of the time. This boring post was just to give you an insight into some of things you don't see that goes into  But!  That's enough of this boring post. I'm out and I'm sure you are too. Peace!

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