Why Do We Trade Time for Money?!

Hello People! My name is RaShaun.  Welcome to Purple & Chrome; the place where we spread positivity, fun, and love through tshirts. This is my first blog post to the new site and what better way to kick things off than to get your feedback and/or opinion on something I thought about today at work...

Why do we trade time for money knowing that time is more valuable? I overheard a coworker of mine asking her significant other on the phone how her young son was feeling, he had been sick with an upset stomach. When I heard that I thought to myself "why does she have to ask how he is doing? She should be right there with him and already know!" But then as I was sitting there I knew that everyone had to go to work every morning to trade their time for money so they could pay bills. As we all know time is money...and even more important, you can't buy it back no matter how much money you have! We should all have our own businesses or our own ways to make needed money so that we can be the boss of our own time spending it with the ones we really want to spend it with and how we want to spend it.

That's what was on my mind today. Its an interesting topic to talk about. What do you think?!  Leave a comment.

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