Why This Tee is So Dope...

martin luther king tee


The "Dream Arrested" tee is so dope not because I created it, but because it accomplishes two very important things that I wanted to do with Purple & Chrome.

 First, from a business standpoint, this tee is aesthetically pleasing to the eye (it's a fly ass shirt)!  As a creator you want to create something that you want to see; something that gets your vision and/or point of view across.  But at the same time realizing that this is a business you have to create what the people want and like.  I mean let's face it... If your shit is wack no one is buying it. If no one is buying your stuff you have no business, period. So, it's really important to find that balance. I feel like the "Dream Arrested" tee strikes that balance. On top of having fly design the quality of the tee is top notch. Through and through this tee is dope!

 And lastly, on a more creative and human aspect, the "Dream Arrested" tee illustrates perfectly what Purple & Chrome is all about. If you've read the "About" page on www.purpleandchrome.com you know that Chrome represents the ability to deal with the ills and bullshit that comes along with loving life. We all love life and no matter how big or small we all have dreams for it. But through external forces such as our environment, current financial situation, family life, etc and internal forces such as our mentality, lack of self confidence, etc our dreams are often arrested. MLK was definitely someone who despite the ills was strong enough to push through towards his dream; a dream he had for all of us! He questioned the status quo and he challenged it. This is the message or story that Purple & Chrome aims to tell. 

So… These are just two reasons but two of the main reasons why this tee is so dope.  This is the flagship tee and the first "official release" from Purple & Chrome you could say because that's what it feels like. That's why this tee is so dope!


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